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This founder is borrowing Boomer expertise to execute new startup ideas

Philly's Zave Smith is helping semi-retirees keep their skills in the workforce. Hear his story on the Founder's Forge podcast.

Zave Smith. (Courtesy photo)
This is a guest post from the team at Founder's Forge, a podcast by software consultancy Axon Collective.
What skills can Boomers contribute to today’s startup world, and how can we connect old knowledge with new companies?

In this episode of the Founder’s Forge podcast, hear from Zave Smith, a Philadelphia-based commercial photographer-turned-startup partner from Detroit, whose new company xBound seeks to connect late-career talent with recruiting businesses.

Still full of knowledge and energy, semi-retired professionals can use xBound to connect with companies who need seasoned expertise to execute new ideas. Inspired by friends who felt pushed out of their careers as they neared retirement, Smith and his partners created a platform that will help late-career professionals discover their next steps—new projects, full- or part-time jobs, mentoring opportunities, and even volunteer work.

Learn how Smith, who says he comes up with his best ideas while pedaling away on his bicycle, stepped out of his comfort zone in order to help these semi-retirees and late career pros stay in the workforce. Smith touches on networking in pandemic times, the truth about productivity and motivation, and working in the trenches of the everyday startup world.

Building a company isn’t easy. Founders Forge chronicles the unfiltered stories, struggles, and successes of early-stage founders as they are forged into the leaders of tomorrow.

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