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World Future Society is bringing back its flagship magazine, ‘The Futurist’

The nonprofit has appointed Mark Drapeau as interim publisher for the 49-year-old bimonthly.

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Updated with additional information from Mark Drapeau. (7/23/15, 11:39 a.m.)

The World Future Society, a D.C.-based (formerly Bethesda) think tank focused on the trends of tomorrow, is relaunching its bimonthly magazine, The Futurist, after a yearlong hiatus.
The organization is placing technology commentator Mark Drapeau at the helm of the publication as interim publisher, executive editor and VP of content.
“At a time when change seems to be happening faster than ever and affecting all aspects of our daily lives, The Futurist will be a publication which will inform and delight intellectuals, policymakers, and other interested parties,” said Drapeau in a press release Tuesday.
The Futurist covers all manner of forward-looking topics, from population growth to drones and cybersecurity. It is slated to resume publication in 2016 — fifty years after it first launched.

Update: 7/23/15, 11:39 a.m.

Drapeau dropped us a line:

* I might more accurately be described as a “scientist, business consultant, and writer” (though some part of what I do is what you described).
* The last published issue was Dec. 2014, and we have a new issue coming out this week at the annual conference in San Francisco (that wasn’t in the release) — so a six-month hiatus. We’ll have another issue toward the end of the year, too, then a “full relaunch” early 2016.

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