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Who are the top #dctech startups worth watching in 2019?

As we begin to build realLIST 2019, help us spot the rising startups in D.C. by submitting a nomination.

Osage Venture Partners is looking to Washington, D.C. for deals. (Photo by Flickr user @ricricciardi, used under a Creative Commons license)

When reporting on the Washington, D.C., tech scene, this reporter often gets asked, “who are your top three startups to watch? Who are the #dctech playmakers and who do they work for?” Earlier this year we set out to answer that question with a compilation of the 20 most promising startups in D.C.

Our 2018 realLIST companies made some big moves like a $1 million funding round at Veda Data Solutions, a rebrand from Hatch Apps, a national pitch competition win for remodelmate and more.

It’s that time of year again to forecast which companies will make big headlines next year. So we ask, who should we keep our eye on in the District’s tech community in 2019? We could use your input. Taking a page out of a book from our sister site Philly, here’s some guidelines we follow to help us narrow down the field of successful companies:

  • realLIST companies can’t be older than three years. That’s in keeping with sunset period for the term “startup” that cofounder Christopher Wink set in 2012.
  • Agencies, studios or other firms are a no-go: Startups must make the majority of their revenue from selling a product.
  • Companies that have exited or undergone similar episodes (majority investments, acquisitions, mergers and the like) are not eligible.

Does this sound like your company or one you know of? Make a nomination.

Nominate a startup

For a review of the year, here’s all of our 2018 coverage on startups.

Companies: Veda Data Solutions / Remodelmate / Hatch

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