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This former World Bank economist is now running her own mobile app company

Veronica Garcia's first app helps users find personal trainers.

V-Training helps you stay fit from wherever. (Photo by Flickr user Victor, used under a Creative Commons license)

Veronica Garcia used to travel a lot and always wanted to be able to work out with great personal trainers while she was on the road. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done. She’d call a gym, describe her preferences and wait to be matched with a trainer. But based on what?
So the former World Bank economist (and lover of efficiency!) started the company Vent-Up, which, as Garcia described it, is a company that “builds mobile apps and software platforms for the healthcare industry.”
Its flagship app for the moment isĀ V-Training, which helps make finding a personal trainer anywhere streamlined and transparent. Why trust a gym to match you with a suitable trainer when you can see all available trainers and make that decision yourself?

The V-Training app. (Courtesy photo)

The V-Training app. (Courtesy photo)

V-Training describes itself as the “Uber for personal trainers and fitness instructors” — users put in their location information to find available trainers nearby. Being able to see information about the trainer’s style and process upfront makes the experience of working with a new trainer “less scary,” Garcia said. And on the trainer side, V-Training allows them to find new customers as well as manage and book sessions. There’s a lot of software out there that focuses on the gym, Garcia pointed out (think Classpass), but much less that caters to personal trainers.
The app is free and customers don’t pay to book a session, rather Vent-Up takes a cut on each booking it delivers to a trainer.
Garcia launched Vent-Up in May 2015, and first unveiled a version of the app in January. More recently, V-Training added the capacity to facilitate online training sessions. The app, which Garcia said has over 3,000 users, is most popular among trainers in D.C. but features users on both sides across the country.
Garcia said she expands by traveling to fitness expos across the U.S. and recruiting trainers. “I don’t want to automate all the processes,” she said — having a reputation for providing high-quality trainers is key.
Moving forward, the company is looking to develop even more tools for the trainer, including a customer relationship management tool that will allow trainers to invite existing clients to V-Training and easily stay in touch. Again, it’s a matter of efficiency.


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