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Uber rolls into Dover

The local cab company isn't sweating it.

Uber is in Dover. (Photo by Flickr user Jeffrey, used under a Creative Commons license)

This past June, the Delaware Department of Transportation gave the go-ahead to a memorandum of understanding allowing Uber to operate in the state. But it wasn’t until July 31 that the service officially began operating in Dover.
The folks over at the Dover Post took a look into how operations have been running over the past two weeks in comparison to the taxi service that’s been running there for years.
“There’s not much going on in Dover right now,” said Dover retiree and newly-minted Uber driver James Claiborne.
Tom Antonio, owner of City Cab of Delaware, isn’t intimidated by the competition.
“We don’t see them as different from any other businesses competing against each other,” he told the Post. “It’s like you’ve got McDonald’s on one side of the street and Burger King or Wendy’s on the other.”
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