Uber cuts prices for winter [Links Roundup]

Plus: Vice tells the story of how gigabit fiber came to little Westminster, Md.

Uber slashes prices in 48 cities [CNN Money]: “Uber said the seasonal price cuts are happening in Miami, Orlando, San Diego, Denver, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Detroit, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Albuquerque and Oklahoma City, among others. The taxi company said it was doing this to ‘beat the winter slump’ and to benefit the drivers.”
Next DBED Secretary: Let’s be in position to win every battle [Baltimore Business Journal]: “To me, the best strategy for business growth is first of all to make sure the customers you already have stay,” R. Michael Gill said. “I believe we can do that with job retention.”
A startup offering Gigabit fiber is coming to a second Comcast-dominated city [Vice]: “So, two and a half years ago, the town of 20,000 people—located about an hour north of Baltimore and an hour-and-a-half north of Washington, DC—began looking into building its own fiber network. The first phase of that project is finally done, and, within a month or two, it’ll be ready to begin servicing customers. The project is ​expected to cost roughly $15 million.”


Bonus tweet: Before he was evacuated from the International Space Station’s American side, Baltimore-born astronaut Terry Virts showed us what the Maryland winter looks like from above. We’re glad Terry and his fellow space travelers are now safe after a gas leak scare, and can get back to taking awesome pictures.


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