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TransitScreen wants to help you get home after a boozy night out

Cool partnership alert: The D.C.-based urban transit information company has partnered with digital jukebox maker TouchTunes.

Picture this — you’re in the Tune Inn in Capitol Hill on a Friday night, unwinding with some drinks after a long week. Soon, though, you’re ready to head home. But what’s the best way to get there? You could just jump in an Uber, but what if the metro is actually running on time? You might be persuaded to give up a little convenience for the price, right?
No need to pull out your phone and go through all the research by hand — you simply walk over to Tune Inn’s TouchTunes digital jukebox, select TransitScreen, and there, on a single page, are all your transit options.
Now, thanks to a partnership between TouchTunes and 1776-based TransitScreen, this Friday-night scenario is a reality. As of the initial launch this week, TransitScreen is available at around 200 locations in 14 cities across the U.S., including 12 bars in the D.C. area. According to a press release, there are plans to expand as time goes on.
The partnership is a step in TransitScreen’s ongoing campaign to make it easier to get around our cities — previously TransitScreens have been deployed mainly in office or residential lobbies. But this particular locale also has a public safety element, an element underscored by the fact that spirits and wine company Pernod Ricard USA is a sponsor of the project. The company believes the partnership will help “reinforce the importance of drinking responsibly and traveling safely.”
“With TransitScreen’s convenient, real-time information now accessible via TouchTunes’ powerful platform, people out socializing can maximize their time with each other and get home safely,” TransitScreen cofounder and COO Ryan Croft said in a statement.
TransitScreen previously raised $800,000 in seed funding in April. The growing company, that got its start as a project out of Mobility Lab in Arlington, is headquartered at 1776 on 15th Street but has offices across the country and internationally.

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