Ticketleap wants to help you keep track of your real-life interactions

And its new product for doing so has a nifty URL.

A "reluctant team photo" of TIcketleap Labs, as per VP of Product Beah Burger-Lenehan (second from right). (Courtesy photo)

IRL matters more, right? Meet Met.
It’s a new mobile app from Ticketleap’s Labs team that aims to keep track of in-person interactions — because, as VP of Product Beah Burger-Lenehan puts it, “lots of business leaders intuitively know that the real life stuff ends up being the most important stuff.” The company is calling it “mission control for the work you do face to face.” It also has a killer URL.

Met is in private beta mode right now.
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Here’s Burger-Lenehan with more details:

Met is for teams that are trying to get traction and investing time in face-to-face interactions. The goal is to make it really easy to capture those moments, keep them for reference, and build in-person interactions into the set of metrics your team cares about. Most startups know their Twitter follower count but have no clue how many real life fans they have (real life fans being infinitely more valuable, of course).
Lots of business leaders intuitively know that the real life stuff ends up being the most important stuff. Given the fact that most of these people walk around with sensor-laden supercomputers in their pockets, it seemed like a good time to build a way to capture that work.

Ticketleap has been experimenting with paid events and features like “selfie tickets.” It’ll be interesting to see what sticks.

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