Vote for these 25 Philly panels up for a spot at SXSW

Some of Philly's best-known tech faces are headed to Austin — with your vote, that is.

The SXSW Philly crew in 2015.

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This is a guest post by Philly Startup Leaders' Shoshanna Israel.
This post has been updated with additional Philly-related panels that we initially missed. The headline has been updated to reflect the current number. (8/18/16, 5:52 p.m.)

The SXSW PanelPicker is out, and by our count there are — at least — 25 Philly tech panels in the running to land a spot in the festival, which will take place March 10-19 in Austin, Texas.
You may remember the article we posted a couple of months ago, inviting the Philly tech community to submit panel ideas for SXSW. We’re really excited that so many of you are interested in speaking at the conference and hope you’ll be part of the Philly delegation that travels to Austin next spring. At Philly Startup Leaders, we believe it’s important that we have Philadelphians willing to tell the city’s story and help brand it as a hub for innovation and technology.
If you aren’t planning on traveling to SXSW with us, you can still help us Amplify Philly. The SXSW PanelPicker, the platform that allows the public to vote for the topics they want to hear about at the conference, is now open. A bunch of Philly speakers submitted proposals and you can help propel them to Austin.
The Philly tech folk whose proposals made it on to this round are:
1. The Lifecycle of Engagement of Girls in Tech
Panelist: Tracey Welson-Rossman
2. React Animations – Practically Applied
Panelist: Mitchell Stewart
3. My Ten Favorite Startup Mistakes
Panelist: Rick Nucci
4. The Power & Potential of Immigrant Entrepreneurs
Panelist: Stephen Tang
5. Shape Your City’s Innovation Community
Panelists: Christopher Wink, Niles Heron, Danielle Cohn, Apu Gupta
6. New Technology and Protecting US Data
Panelists: Lauren Ancona, Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Elizabeth Pemmerl, Jake Williams
7. React: JavaScript to Engage Your Web Visitors
Panelist: Ken Rimple
8. Hands-on Bluetooth Low Energy Workshop
Panelist: Don Coleman
9. 7 Lessons from the Future of Content
Panelist: David Thomas
10. Why Healthcare Needs Better Design to Innovate?
Panelist: Bon Ku
11. Building an Inquiry-Based School Model
Panelists: Jaime Casap, Diana Laufenberg, Larissa Pahomov, Chris Lehmann
12. Calling to Action: From Student to Author
Panelist: Casey Cohen
13. Inclusion and the Digital Neighborhood
Panelists: Bret Perkins, Kathryn Finney, Kimberly Bryant
14. “I Want My MVOD!” – The Next Evolution of Music TV
Panelists: Rich Cusick, Ty Roberts, Jeanine Heck, Zack O’Malley Greenburg
15. How Large Companies Can Innovate with Startups
Panelists: Chris Cera, Jeff Chapman, Rudy Wolfs
16. How Startups Can Partner with Large Companies
Panelists: Chris Cera, Brendan McCorkle, Josh Daltry, Avi Savar
17. Preparing Kids for Careers that Don’t Yet Exist
Panelist: Ramesh Sambasivan
18. What’s it Worth? Knowing the Value of your MVP
Panelists: Jedidiah Weller, Elizabeth Brown
19. What White Guys Can Do About Tech Diversity
Panelist: Chuck Sacco
20. Is a PhD Right for Me?
Panelists: Christopher Laincz, Adam Fontecchio, Dianne Le, Cora MacBeth
21. The Doctor Will See Your Content Now
Panelists: Kelly Aizicowitz, Richard Schwartz, Robert Stevens, Josh Wildstein
22. The Future Of College
Panelists: Preston Silverman, Chip Paucek, Paul Freedman, Barbara Kurshan 
23. Leaders Dilemma-Innovate or Improve Incrementally?
Panelists: Sharon van Wyk, Barbara Kurshan, Deb Bushway, Yvonne Simon
24. Paying the Price
Panelist: Sara Goldrick-Rab
25. Making Makers at a PreK-12 Independent School
Panelist: Corey Kilbane
To vote for someone on SXSW PanelPicker, you have to create an account, visit the links above and click “thumbs up” in the top left corner of your screen to vote. Feel free to comment with a note of support or use the social media buttons on the left hand side of your screen to share the links of the panel ideas you really like.
See you in Austin!


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