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This drone video shows the disheveled remains of Sparrows Point steel mill

Take a drone-assisted tour of the remnants “of a once proud industry.”

An aerial view of what's left of Sparrows Point. (Screenshot via YouTube)

It was the largest steel plant in the world (until 1957).
It was where McNulty’s dad worked.
It may one day be among the biggest ports on the East Coast.
But for now, as this new drone video shows, the former Bethlehem Steel plant at Sparrows Point is kinda spooky.

The video comes from the same guy who shot this drone footage of Annapolis.
“The images in this video are from October and November 2014,” Greg Cox writes in its first few frames, “and help document the destruction of a once proud industry.”
Consider it the somber aftermath to this loud video shot last March — multiple views of the implosion of a 20-story-tall furnace on the site.


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