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Does Delaware’s business power lie in its small size?

Author and Cape Gazette columnist Don Flood says it does. Some disagree.

Is Delaware anti-business? (Photo by Flickr user Lens Envy, used under a Creative Commons license)

Former Dover Post editor Don Flood recently penned an op-ed for Delaware beach paper the Cape Gazette asking, “Is Delaware as anti-business as some say?”
Despite some recent data and government projects that might argue otherwise, there are still doubters — even within state government.
Flood cites a handful of letters to the editor from state Senators who unabashedly say yes, Delaware is most definitely anti-business.
“Delaware has become a government-first state with a hostile anti-business political culture,” wrote gubernatorial hopeful Sen. Colin Bonini (R-Dover).
Flood argues that while running a business in Delaware comes with its fair share of red tape, there are models to look at — like Milton-based beer maker Dogfish Head, whose founder, Sam Calagione, attributes the brewery’s success to the state’s business climate. But the key to successful business ventures in Delaware?
“We are small enough to be nimble and to get enough decision-makers in the room at the same time,” wrote Flood.
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