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Digital intelligence agency Similarweb is expanding into the DC region with a new office in Reston

The New York-based company plans to open up a local operation on September 1. With plans to hire at least 25 positions locally, it was attracted by the area's talent.

Similarweb's executive team at its IPO in May. (Courtesy photo)

With eyes on local tech talent, digital intelligence agency Similarweb is opening an office in Reston, Virginia, this fall.

The self-proclaimed “official measure of the digital world” provides data on the digital performance of other companies and consumer behavior, said Similarweb General Manager of North America Donna Dror. Specifically, the New York-based company works in the intelligence space in digital research, digital marketing, shopping, sales and investment in its 10 offices globally. The 900-person company, which was founded in 2007, works with brands including Lego, Lending Tree, DHL and Rakuten.

The Reston space, with an anticipated opening of September 1, will be its fourth U.S. location. Dror said Similarweb was drawn to the area in part due to the talent, but also the innovation and entrepreneurship growth she’s seen in Northern Virginia, partially due to the many data centers in the area.

“I really like the idea of expanding the company infrastructure across multiple locations,” Dror said. “In doing so, we get to tap into two main things: number one, being where our customers are. We have a lot of customers in the Washington metropolitan area. And, number two, tapping into the talent pool.”

The move comes just a few months after the company’s initial public offering (IPO) in May, in which it was valued at $1.6 billion. This is its first office expansion following the IPO, Dror said. While the new location was not a goal of the IPO, she added that it made the move to Reston both appealing and tangible.

Donna Dror (Courtesy photo)

Donna Dror (Courtesy photo)

“The IPO was made possible by the acceleration and our growth,” Dror said. “Our acceleration and growth ties into our infrastructure strategy. And, we are as good as the people that we hire and Reston ties into the talent diversification and the people that we’re looking to hire, so it’s definitely connected.”

Dror said that, globally, Similarweb has 200 location-agnostic positions open, and 100 of those are based in the U.S. The company is still on the fence about a return to work strategy, but Dror said it will likely involve some sort of hybrid model.  Although they’re not tied to the Reston area specifically, she said she’d like to see at least 25 of those roles filled locally, if not more, with a focus on sales and marketing roles.

“We’re just very, very excited and really looking forward to seeing this office grow,” Dror said. “We’ve been discussing it for a while, so I’m excited to turn it into a reality, excited to put the building blocks to build the growth from it and just to be in this great area.”


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