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This Middletown startup wants to save you money

You just have to share your savings with them.

Shrinkabill wants to help you with your budget. (Photo by Flickr user jridgewayphotography, used under a Creative Commons license)

No matter what your household income is, everyone can relate to the desire to save money. Shrinkabill is the name of a new company that’s interested in helping you with those goals no matter what your situation. Here’s the sweet part: they’ll do this all for free.
How does this company make money? You’re required to share your savings with the company, 45 percent of your first year’s savings to be exact.
If they can’t help you save money, they will give you a $25 gift card to your favorite restaurant. The News Journal has the details:
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This is a part of a nationwide trend of similar companies such as BillFixers and BillCutterz.

Companies: Shrinkabill

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