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After layoffs, SevOne forges ahead with new technologies

In the past two months, the company has unveiled a new end-user experience appliance and updates to its digital infrastructure platform.

SevOne is headquartered in Wilmington. Its satellite office in Center City Philadelphia (pictured here in 2014) will soon close. (Courtesy photo)

Back in March, we reported that SevOne made some mysterious layoffs but that we couldn’t make much of the limited info that was provided. It seems the company has shaken the dust from that episode and, in forging ahead, is continuing to crank out new technologies for businesses’ digital infrastructures.
In April, the company unveiled a new end-user experience appliance that “monitors application and network performance across enterprise, cloud and communication service provider infrastructures,” according to a release. And on Wednesday, SevOne announced new improvements to its digital infrastructure platform that allows operations and IT teams to better understand what’s going on and why things are happening within that infrastructure.
“We had a very good quarter, and the market definitely looks very good,” SevOne cofounder Tanya Bakalov recently told over the phone, though she declined to give more details on the the company’s finances.
She had just been traveling to Asia on business, where she said people are looking to the next wave of technology. Big upcoming (or already arrived) trends she’s seen are the move from 4G LTE to 5G, more migration to the cloud, digital banking and virtual currency, IoT (Internet of Things) technology and smart cities, which are taking a cue from Singapore’s attempt to become a smart nation.
Bakalov said she’s eager for SevOne to be a part of these emerging technologies.
“As far as we see into the future, the future only gets better for us,” she said. “Every business is becoming a technology company, and we’re right there with them, and we’re there to help them do that.”

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