Why SEER Interactive finally started giving its employees titles

Wil Reynolds changed his mind on job titles — after more than 10 years of running his company without them.

There's turmoil in the land of Girl Develop It.

(Photo by Pexels user Christina Morillo used under a Creative Commons license)

After more than a decade of not using titles, Northern Liberties search marketing firm SEER Interactive is now doling them out.

CEO Wil Reynolds said he was inspired by a book by Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur Ben Horowitz that said that without titles, it’s hard to show future employers the progress SEER employees have made. That was the clincher for Reynolds, who likes helping outgoing employees find jobs. (He told us earlier this week that he just found an outgoing employee a job with one of SEER’s clients.)

Reynolds explained the evolution of his stance on job titles in a recent blog post.

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