Flip through 60 years of Safeguard Scientifics in this slick timeline

We especially like the image of Pete Musser on the cover of Philly Mag, adorned with angel wings.

"The Golden Age."

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It was 1953 when Warren “Pete” Musser and Frank Diamond founded what eventually became venture firm Safeguard Scientifics. The company was called the Lancaster Corporation, focused on helping develop the electronics, atomic energy, chemical metal and petroleum industries.
“When we started in the 1950s, there was very little venture capital at work anywhere,” Musser said. “Silicon Valley didn’t exist, as we know it today. And the notion of investing in small companies was fairly new.”
Thumb through Safeguard’s entire 60-year history, including three exits in 2014, in an interactive timeline on the venture firm’s site.
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