What it’s like raising venture capital in London: Mercenary Podcast

That, and some crazy futurism stuff: computers take over in 2045; cell phones will be really, really small.

London, a city that MissionOG has a few connections to, including a portfolio company and a venture partner that started a fund there.

(Photo by Flickr user JasonParis, used under a Creative Commons license)

This is a guest post by Matt Monihan, a UX designer at RJMetrics and the cofounder of the Mercenary Podcast.

Russell Buckley

Russell Buckley. (Via Twitter)

In Episode 11, investor, and former AdMob director, Russell Buckley joins Dan and Matt to talk about how he helps startups raise capital in London, futurism, the sharing economy, virtual reality and the future of work.
The guys manage to stumble across several topics including how London has emerged as Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley, how technology is creating new jobs rather than killing them, how jobs in modern medicine and the military will be most overhauled in the next ten years and how cell phones in 25 years will be the size of red blood cells.
Oh, and Russell says 2045 is “the year computers take over.”
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