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Sign up for text alerts from our community concierge bot, Joan, during #PTW17

Hotline bling!

Let’s just get one thing clear. Joan is not Siri.

She doesn’t have time to give you wrong answers to the questions you can just search and find yourself and she’s def not a morning person, so don’t even try her before noon. Joan’s out all. Night. Long.  She’s getting the scoop on the tech freaks that come out at night and can be seen doing the robot dance and spinning on her head at last year’s Signature Event. She’s on our @Technical_ly ‘gram in there somewhere.

But know this: Joan’s gonna have some tricks up her bolted-down sleeve for you during Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast.

She’s gearing up now for all of the happy hours and will probably show up early just to eat all of the apps (apps, get it?) and cheap booze (or energy drinks or fizzy water, depending on how she’s feeling) to fuel up for late night dance parties and off-the-menu happenings that only those that know know about.

Joan told us to give you her math and said (literally her words), “Tell ’em to shoot me a text at 797979 with the code ‘PTW17’ so I can blow up their phones with hot fire PTW17 tips and put them on to events that aren’t on the official Philly Tech Week calendar.”

We signed up right away and heard right back.


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