This guy turned to Craigslist for some Pokémon dough

John Yankanich, 27, will drive you around for two hours so you can catch 'em all. He's made $150 so far.

A Zubat at HQ. (Photo by Catherine Sontag)

It’s all about the money, isn’t it?
In his quest to become the Uber of “Pokémon Go” players, Northeast Philly-local John Yankanich, 27, will drive you around for two hours while you catch ’em all. The price: 50 bucks.
“Me and two buddies are driving around playing Pokémon Go at 1:30 a.m., and I thought, ‘Hey, there’s a bunch of people that don’t have cars and can’t get to all the places I can,'” Yankanich said.
The part-time home health specialist turned to Craigslist to advertise his service. He put the ad up yesterday, and has already made $150.
The ad reads:

Don’t want to walk especially in the heat, humidity, or rain for a bunch of km’s to hatch your eggs, visit Pokéstops, go to gyms, or get items? Looking for Pokémon the don’t reside where you do? Let’s make your Pokémon go experience more SAFE and comfortable!

During the two-hour trip aboard Yankanich’s 2007 Chrysler 300, Pokémon trainers get access to snacks and soda, phone chargers and a WiFi hotspot. We had been joking in the Slack that Pokémon Go was really just a conspiracy by phone carriers to run up data charges, so this is one way around that.
When asked if he was afraid for his safety, Yankanich quickly said: “Absolutely.”
“I try to bring at least one person I know along for the ride. It’s some form of protection,” he said.
His concerns are not mere paranoia, as officers from the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) have warned of a link between the game and a string of armed robberies.

The city also tweeted out some safety guidelines from the PPD on kids running around town with their smartphones in hand (plus a pic of Mayor Jim Kenney unimpressed by the Zubat in his office).

Who knows where this business opportunity will lead? A black-car Pokémon service? Romantic trips through Central Pennsylvania?
For the time being, maybe Yankanich can drive this Delaware Craigslister around so she can find those Pokétrainers she’s been looking for.

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