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Philly Tech Week 2013 video recap and attendee survey results

About 20,000 people attended, almost double last year, with nearly 200 partners and 105 events.

Guitar effects pedals used by local 8-bit/chiptune band Cheap Dinosaurs, who provided a live set to the night's festivities

It hardly feels like it, but we’re nearly two months removed from the third annual Philly Tech Week presented by AT&T. Now that the dust has settled, we’re taking a look back at some of the outcomes, and yes, already looking toward next year.

About 20,000 people attended, almost double last year, with nearly 200 partners and 105 events. Below the videos filmed throughout the week, you’ll find results from our attendee survey.

(From the week, you can also see outcomes here and the wrap of media here).

A special thank you to Philly CAM and Philly in Focus for livestreaming during the week, as well as hosting our Philly Tech Week 2013 channel. Take a walk down memory lane with us by checking out some of the videos from the week below:

Videos recorded from Philly CAM’s live stream (find all videos on their Vimeo):

Ninety-eight Philly Tech Week participants took our 2013 survey. Here are the results of that survey:

  • 52 women and 46 men completed the survey. 
  • 37.5% of participants fell into the age range of 21-29. The next largest age group represented was 30-39 with 30.6%. 
  • 67.8% of participants found out about Philly Tech Week from Philly or 43.3% of participants cited “word of mouth” as their source; 25.6% found out about the week from Facebook or Twitter.
  • 24.5% of participants attended 3 events during the week, while 22.4% attended 1, and 13.3% attended 5.
  • The most attended type of event was in the Design/Development track, with 55.9% of participants answering they had attended events in that track. The next most popular track was Arts/Creative (40.9%), with Investment/Entrepreneurship (35.5%) at a close third.
  • 76.8% of participants answered that the quality of events during Philly Tech Week was best described as “Great programming, great speakers and networking experience. Would recommend to a friend.”
  • 63.5% felt that Philly Tech Week “brought attention to Philly’s technology community nationally and locally” while 32.3% believed it brought attention to the tech community locally.
  • 23.7% surveyed also attended the inaugural Philly Tech Week in 2011, while 45.4% attended in 2012.
  • 72.2% reported that they were unable to attend all the events they had hoped to because there were too many events to attend.
  • A narrative response revealed that many attendees loved Pong on the Cira Centre and enjoyed the variety of the events offered throughout the week. A common improvement noted was that the week should not occur simultaneously as the Philadelphia Science Festival.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to PTW2013. And don’t forget: we host monthly Meetups. Join us for our next event on 6/18 Geeks on a Train – Brooklyn Startup Demo Night.

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