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You can get your sweat on with Philly entrepreneurs this week

Business and wellness should go hand and hand, these orgs say. Take advantage of this free workout for the startup community on Thursday, Feb. 20.

Wellness and fitness should go hand in hand, not fist to fist. (Photo via Pexels)

Philly Startup Leaders is partnering with employee wellness startup LEON and EverybodyFights gym to bring a part-networking, part-fitness class to the Philly tech community this week.

The event is meant to get founders and those working in the startup space to prioritize physical and mental wellness, and to help them connect with each other after some physical stress relief.

“We all know and understand the stress associated with growing a startup,” reads the event page. “You work long hours, eat the wrong foods and almost always skip your workouts — or even worse, stop working out all together.”

LEON cofounder Bryan Smith said that today’s tech companies need to understand that positive physical and mental health is part of the growth process. The tech-enabled B2B company offers an employee wellness platform with curated fitness playbooks, monthly wellness benefits and employee health benchmarking and scoring.

“This concept of work life balance has never been more important, especially within the startup environment,” Smith said, who launched the company in Brooklyn but moved to Philly last summer. “Gone are the days of scale or die.”

Meet Smith, EverybodyFights founder George Forman III (yes, the son of the other George Foreman) and some Founded in Philly accelerator participants for a high-intensity workout meant to relieve stress. The boxing-inspired workout will be followed by networking and drinks.

The free class is happening this Thursday, Feb. 20, at 7 p.m. at EverybodyFights near 19th and Market streets.

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