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Philly Mag: These 5 technologists are changing the face of power

A handful of technologists you likely know made it to the magazine's millennial power ranking.

Kiera Smalls.

(Courtesy photo)

April’s issue of Philadelphia magazine lists a group of 38 up-and-comers who are transforming the way this city understands power.

Go down the list and you’ll find politicians like state legislator Malcolm Kenyatta, real estate developer Lindsey Scannapieco or Phillies GM Matt Klentak. But in a clear of acknowledgement of tech industry’s prevalence in Philly’s lifeblood, the list also includes a handful of tech industry figures you might have read about on this news site.

“Those who haven’t traditionally had a seat at the table are now the ones setting the agenda,” write Philly Mag’s Fabiola Cineas and Claire Sasko. “They’re hyper-connected and vocal online; they’re relentlessly branded and amass tight followings. They’re changing the city by proving that power is about creating urgency and getting people to believe in something — whether that’s a sound, an idea or a venture. And in 2019, Philadelphia is filled with them.”

Here are the tech community figures highlighted by Philly Mag:

(Special shoutout to Resolve Philadelphia co-leads Jean Friedman-Rudovsky and Cassie Haynes for making it to the list. and Generocity are part of the org’s impact journalism initiative, Broke in Philly.)


See the full list over at Philly Mag’s website.

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