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This sketch comedy show wants to be ‘Black Mirror’ but funny

The Philly Improv Theater show asks, “What if you unwittingly became a meme?”

In a dystopian future, the anxieties about modern life and humans’ complex interaction with technology are explored through acting.

It’s not Black Mirror, it’s an upcoming sketch comedy show called “Fezziwig Dreams of Electric Sheep,” happening at the Philly Improv Theater this Friday and Saturday (and next weekend as well).

The event description for this one was great, so we had to know more:

What would you sacrifice to have the perfect body? What if you unwittingly became a meme? What if the secret ways you talk about people online were made public? Where are the real heroes in our new dystopian world? Plus: free electric koolaid!”

“We think of it as ‘Black Mirror’ but funny,” said the troupe’s head writer Andrea Duffy.

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The show looks to bring light to the themes found in the popular TV show by blowing them up to huge proportions. Mobile phones, and the always-logged-on sentiment they embody, becomes one more character in the cast of six human performers.

Duffy, 36, of Roxborough, started her career in improv in 2014 and hosts the Philly Improv Theater’s Improv Jams on Sunday nights. She’s also a radio host and DJ at 101.1 More FM.

“I know our theme is dystopia, but we’re a fun crew,” Duffy said. “I hope people don’t shy away from the show because they think the show will bring them down. It won’t.”


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