Philly Fixers Guild wants to teach you how to repair your busted gear

Meet the Fishtown collective that wants to help you fix your gadgets — from toasters to tablets.

Soldering, anyone? (GIF via YouTube)

The Philly Fixers Guild is tired of people tossing their broken things out on the sidewalk.
Founded in 2014, this Fishtown-based community organization is an independent collective of around 80 volunteers with all kinds of technical chops who are taking on the idea of resourcefulness by teaching others how to fix things.
The driving concept behind the org’s actions is “Repair rather than replace.” That’s the sentiment that led Ben Davis and Holly Logan, both participants of Fishtown’s Sustainable 19125/19134 program, to found the collective.
“The primary goal is empower people to make repairs or to get something repaired by someone else instead of throwing it away,” Davis said. “This saves money for people, and it also means less stuff is going into the landfill.”

Every couple of months, the Guild gets a dozen of its volunteers together with the community to help them repair whatever needs fixing: toasters, sewing machines, small electronics, even computers and cellphones.
“We’re just trying to show people that fixing is an option,” said Davis. “Even though lately it’s getting more and more complicated.”
Greensgrow Farm will play host to the Guild’s upcoming Repair Fair, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., on Oct. 22.

“It’s free, there’s no sign up and no reservations,” Davis said. “The real important factor is that we’re going to help them repair on their own.”


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