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PhelpsMoji can help you dive into Olympic season

The swimming champion's app also has some Baltimore shoutouts.

Michael Phelps in 2009, when he needed a razor. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

A lot has changed since Maryland’s Michael Phelps first swam in an Olympic pool. For one thing, 15-year-old Phelps probably would not have been using emojis to convey his emotions heading into the 2000 Summer Games.
Entering his fifth Olympics in Rio, however, Phelps is giving his younger teammates some tools to communicate. Behold, the PhelpsMoji:

The emoji set has plenty of takes on the greatest Olympian of all time, from speedos to selfies, from beard to beach. (Since this is officially sanctioned, there’s no bong hit, alas.)
Given that he is the Baltimore Bullet, the PhelpsMoji also has lots for the hometown crowd. There’s an Oriole bird, a “410” that looks like the “100” emoji and, of course, Michael Phelps holding a crab.
Like all devs, it looks like Phelps’ team was not immune to some issues with final approval from the App Store, but it’s now available for $0.99.
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This is Phelps’ second recent entrepreneurial move, following an investment in


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