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Here’s a 3D print of our editor’s head

*Not actual size.

A mini bust of Editor-in-Chief Zack Seward. (Photo by Zack Seward)

You sit on a chair on a Lazy Susan and spin around like a bowl of Dan Dan noodles at your favorite Chinese restaurant.
A guy with a tablet captures a 3D scan and emails you with a rendering (easily viewable thanks to a company we’ve covered in Brooklyn).
I went with grumpy:

About a week later, your 3D print is ready.
That’s the setup at Center City’s NRI 3DLab, which opened its doors for Philly Tech Week 2015 presented by Comcast for special deals on getting yourself in figurine form.
The Philly outpost of the national 3D-printing company feels like the coolest Kinko’s you’ve ever been to. Smaller 3D printers hum at the front desk while the big guns chug away in the back. And while the mini busts (and even full-body figurines) are fun, the company offers a full range of more serious 3D printing services, too.
“All in all we had 150+ people actually get scanned up that week,” NRI’s Alex Rivera wrote to Philly. “That’s not including the 50+ folks that just stopped by to see the shop and talk 3D.”
That’s a lot of action figures.

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