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Noms for the NET/WORK Awards are in and omg

The people have spoken. Now's time to vote.

On the job hunt at NET/WORK 2016. (Photo by Neal Santos)

Last week we issued a clarion call: Bravely nominate someone for our v important NET/WORK Awards. You, dear reader, heeded that call — and you heeded it well.

We received some 80 high-quality nominations and made a poppin’ SurveyMonkey page for you. Now it’s time.


This thing turned out surprisingly well. “Best Twitter account” is packed with heavyweights. “Best office pet” features dangerous levels of cuteness (and one cleverly submitted meme). Find the full list of nominees here. Plus, if you sign up for our newsletter via SurveyMonkey, you’re eligible to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

We’ll announce the winners on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at NET/WORK, our actually-super-useful jobs fair (get tickets), but, full disclosure, we’re still trying to figure out when exactly. (During happy hour or from the stage during the event itself? Idk. Let us know.) Winners will be notified Monday. They win admission to the event and Oscar-level bragging rights. No funny stuff.

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