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Nominate someone for our v v important NET/WORK Awards

Our jobs fair is coming up and we're adding a new twist this year.

The crowd at NET/WORK 2016. (Photo by Catherine Sontag)

So we tried a little something in Philadelphia and it worked really well. Then we brought it to Baltimore and it was good. And now, friends, it’s D.C.’s turn.

It’s the NET/WORK Awards — a not-so-serious hugely important competition crowning the best people in #dctech.

As you may recall,’s annual jobs fair is coming up soon (Wednesday, March 29, see you there) and we like to liven up the format. See, your typical career fair is just … dull. But not this one. Oh no. Along with free headshots and professional development opportunities and a bangin’ happy hour, we’ll be crowning the region’s finest. From “Least Worst Recruiter” to “Best Office Pet,” these categories do not disappoint.

But first, we have to nominate some folks. Here are the categories:

  • Best Internet Side Project
  • Best Meetup Organizer of the Year
  • Best DC Tech Twitter Account
  • Best Coworking Community Manager
  • Least Worst Recruiter
  • Best CTO
  • Best Game Developer
  • Best Slack Channel
  • Best Office Pet
  • Best Office Snack Shelf
Nominate someone

We already have some nominees in mind, but we want to get ideas from you before we put this out for online voting. You have until Friday, March 17 to submit your ideas. Nominees will be announced Monday, March 20. Voting will commence. Winners will be announced at the event. It will be fun. Go team.


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