This 15-year-old is starting a speaker series to inspire young entrepreneurs

First up? Nasai Oliver aka Myster Lemonade plans to interview children's book author Lenny Williams.

Nasai Oliver aka Myster Lemonade in front of his lemonade stand.

(Courtesy photo)

Next month, Nasai Oliver, or Myster Lemonade, is launching a talk series for young entrepreneurs just like him. When asked why he wanted to bring this to his community, he said, “I’ve been inspired by being a young entrepreneur in Wilmington, and recognize that there are a lot of underestimated and creative young people in our city. They’re the future.”
Nasai is a 15-year-old high school student who makes homemade organic lemonade and operates out of Wilmington coworking space Artist Ave Station. He was first recognized back when he was 12 years old and just selling his drinks on a street corner. He’s even sold at a Wilmington Blue Rocks game.
He plans to connect young people in Wilmington with local entrepreneurs who can share their success stories, as well as their failures, and inspire them to start their own businesses while realizing there are many different opportunities out there for them to take advantage of.
He’s kicking off his first talk on April 8 with local Wilmington University grad and children’s book author, Lenny Williams. Through this first talk, Nasai hopes that young people will be inspired to consider becoming authors, as he believes that authors are often overlooked as entrepreneurs. He’ll ask Lenny about his creative process of writing children’s books and how young people can apply that creativity to their own ventures.
Check out Williams’ “Imagination Princesses” below.
Another big name lined up is cofounder of Artist Ave Station and Urban Yogi, Jason Aviles. What Nasai hopes that kids get out of Aviles’s talk is what it means to be a serial entrepreneur and to show them how you don’t have to completely focus on just one business at a time.
In the future, Nasai wants to include other entrepreneurs in the area who are inspiring and driven to leave a social impact on their communities.
Check back here for more details on location and time.


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