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It’s springtime and you know what that means? #NameTheNestlings

The American Eagle Foundation is looking for names that “reflect or resonate ‘Americana’ in some way.” Does Eagle McEagleface work?

The eaglets in their nest. (Screenshot)

D.C.’s favorite eagle parents Mr. President and First Lady have successfully hatched two new eaglets, which means it is time again for D.C.’s favorite (ok, semi-popular) internet naming tradition. What should we call the nestlings?

Last year the American Eagle Foundation, with help from the internet, chose Freedom and Liberty as names for D.C.’s youngest eagles. Talk about a patriotic family. This year, the Foundation is once again soliciting your help!

Here’s how it works — choose a name for each DC4 and DC5 (yeesh, we need to get these kids new names ASAP), and post the names to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) with the hashtags #NameTheNestlings and #DCEagleCam. The Foundation will be collecting submissions and will make the final decision on what to call the eaglets. (People without social media accounts can also take part by filling out this survey.)

Some ground rules: the Foundation especially likes names that are “symbolic, creative and gender-neutral” and classic pet or human names will not be considered. “We suggest choosing names that reflect or resonate “Americana” in some way — a word or group of words from American history, patriotism, geography, art (including music, dance, painting, etc), science, literature, spirituality or virtues,” the Foundation writes.

But of course, this is the internet.

Here’s a selection of what people on Twitter are coming up with already — submit your best names by April 18.



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