Mentor Chats with Mike Krupit: 3 things you’ll learn at inaugural April 2 event

DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg is launching a series of events to introduce the tech community to great mentors.

Real Food Works COO Mike Krupit

Full Disclosure: Technically Philly is a media sponsor of this event.

Put simply, mentors are important.

Gabriel Weinberg recently said that his biggest regret as a first-time founder was not finding a mentor. The DuckDuckGo founder has also said that he’s met many up-and-coming entrepreneurs who don’t have good mentors, though our tech community is full of them. So he’s starting “Mentor Chats,” an event series to introduce entrepreneurs to experienced mentors.

First up is Mike Krupit, Real Food Works COO, Novotorium founder and the driving force behind bringing The Founder Institute to Philadelphia.

RSVP for the free Apr. 2 event here.

Here’s Weinberg on why Krupit is a great mentor:

Mike is on his seventh startup and has really seen all aspects of startup life, including pre-funding, venture-backed and post-acquisition. He has experience both in Philly and in the Valley, and was a part of some of the most well-known Philly successes in the 90s including Infonautics and CDNOW. He’s been connected to Ben Franklin [Technology Partners] and Wharton and now is working to bring Founder Insititute to Philly. Given all this experience and devotion to the Philly startup scene he makes a great mentor for the community.

Read more about Krupit’s experiences at Infonautics and CDNOW.

Here are three questions Weinberg said he’ll ask Krupit at the upcoming event (if you have any questions you’d like Weinberg to ask, leave them in the comments or tweet him at @yegg):


  • how he thinks about the differences between the late 90s Philly startup scene and what’s happening 15 years later
  • to demystify acquisitions and comment as much as he can about acquisition processes he’s seen up close
  • how to get the most out of mentorship (finding the right mentor, asking the right questions, etc.)
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