Tuesday: Watch ‘Mayor Kenney’ give a rude Amazon pitch at this sketch comedy show

Tonight, at a Philly Improv Theater show, brother/sister duo Marissa and Jon Edelman will give their own “loud, blunt, hard-drinking” version of Mayor Kenney and “his wife Jan Kennney.”

Brother/sister comedy duo Jon Edelman and Marissa Edelman, or "The Amazing Flying Edelmen."

(Courtesy photo)

Marissa and Jon Edelman, known onstage as brother-sister sketch comedy troupe The Amazing Flying Edelmen, did a visioning exercise: What if Mayor Jim Kenney pitched Amazon as an embodiment of every negative Philly stereotype?

As part of Philly Improv Theater’s Citywide Indie Comedy Showcase on Tuesday, “Mayor Jim Kenney” and his wife/deputy mayor “Jan Kenney” will offer their rendition of the Philly Delivers campaign, featuring more swearing, more cheesesteaks and the occasional Tom Brady reference.

“We were inspired to write a sketch about HQ2 because having Amazon (and, by extension, more tech culture) in Philly would be such a radical shift from the image of Philadelphia as a working-class, more blue-collar city, and we wanted to explore that difference and the history and culture of Philadelphia through the loud, blunt, hard-drinking duo of Jim and Jan Kenney,” the duo said in an email.

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The duo’s version of Jim Kenney, they said in an email, is not based on the actual mayor but rather on the notion of “the ultimate Philadelphian dialed up to 11” who embodies negative stereotypes about the city but who also thinks Philly is the best city in the world.

“You can expect a lot of yelling, cheesesteak eating, pro-bike kids propaganda, anti-Tom Brady propaganda, and a questionable interpretation of the phrase ‘the city of brotherly love,” said the duo.

Tonight’s event will also feature sketches by Fezziwig Sketch Comedy. The group will present “The Bradinsky Bunch,” as if classic Russian authors wrote The Brady Bunch.


Fezziwig includes 101.1 More FM DJ Andrea Duffy and Wendy Lenhart of the Mean Wendy Band, among others.

BTW, as part of the SEPTA Perks programs, the show is open to anyone with a SEPTA Key card or pass.

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