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Maryland’s cybersecurity moment: No. 8 Baltimore tech trend of 2015

If we featured a big funding round on Baltimore this year, chances are it had to do with cybersecurity.

The Maryland Cyber Security Roundtable launch event, May 29, 2014. (Photo by Flickr user Maryland GovPics, used under a Creative Commons license)

Beyond individual stories, a tech community is defined by how its component parts work together. So, to look back at 2015, we’re unpacking 10 themes that kept popping up with big headlines all year long. See the full list of 2015 trends here.

From the way things are going, there will probably be another huge cybersecurity raise before we get this article out, but here’s the top of the 2015 list as it stands right now:

There’s no question that all the dollars are partially a result of cybersecurity being so hot right now, nationally. For Maryland, however, there is the matter of capitalizing on the private sector opportunity presented by all of the talent and NSA proximity that Maryland has benefitted from for years. Groups like the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland are leading that charge. And despite the big checks written this year, indications are the total payout for the area could be even bigger.

Companies: ZeroFOX / RedOwl Analytics / Tenable Holdings

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