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It’s spring, and Maryland’s 3 birdcams are up and running

Here's a look at the Chesapeake Conservancy's viewing lineup, from the top of the Transamerica Tower to the Eastern Shore.

WE LOVE BIRDCAMS. (Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Conservancy)

The Orioles have yet to fly north from spring training for summer, but Baltimore’s birdwatch season is already beginning.
For anyone who wants to get outside but can’t leave the workspace, the Chesapeake Conservancy recently flipped on the three live birdcams. You can watch what birds are up to right inside their nests. This year, the cameras are being beamed out to the world on, a go-to spot for nature cam viewing.
Since it’s a new season, let’s take a look at the lineup:

Falcon Cam

Hi Barb, you're on Falcon Cam. (photo courtesy Chesapeake Conservancy)

Hi, Barb, you’re on Falcon Cam. (Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Conservancy)

Perched on 33rd floor of the Transamerica Tower in the middle of Baltimore, this camera provides a live look at a spot where falcons have nested since 1970. Boh and Barb hatched four baby falcons last year, and it looks there may be another hatch watch this year. They’re already taking care of four eggs.

Osprey Cam

Tom and Audrey on Osprey Cam (photo courtesy Chesapeake Conservancy)

Tom and Audrey on Osprey Cam. (Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Conservancy)

It’s not the ospreys who battled wits with MdTA employees, but there’s still drama. Osprey cam is live on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore. Audrey is already back building the nest, with her companion Tom set to return. The nest was attacked by another bird last year, and one of two hatched chicks did not survive. They’ll be looking for a more peaceful summer.

Great Blue Heron Cam

The view at Heron cam. Who's watching who? (photo via Chesapeake Conservancy)

The view at Heron cam. Who’s watching who? (Photo courtesy of┬áChesapeake Conservancy)

This is the latest edition to the lineup following a crowdfunding campaign last year. It shows a Great Blue Heron rookery on the Eastern Shore, which has between 10 and 12 nests on its property.


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