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It’s your last chance to pre-order Marvin Weinberger’s doomsday prepper tool

The Venturef0rth owner has raised more than $105,000 on Kickstarter for the Lil Trucker, a Swiss Army knife for the apocalypse. Check out the zombie-inspired marketing video, too.

Marvin Weinberger's Lil Trucker is an all-purpose survival tool. According to a 6-minute promo video, from which this screenshot is taken, it's also great for fighting off zombies. (Courtesy photo)

You probably know Marvin Weinberger as the energetic new leader behind coworking space Venturef0rth, or the founder of commerce company American Certified.
But before that, he was inventing all-purpose, survivalist tools. (And before that, he was cofounding the legendary Philly tech company Infonautics with a young Josh Kopelman, but that’s another story.)
Weinberger hasn’t dropped his inventor roots: his latest tool is the Lil Trucker, a pocket-sized tool that’s kind of a Swiss Army knife for the apocalypse. Or just for a camping trip when you want to impress your friends at your handiness.

lil trucker

Lil Trucker specs. (Courtesy image)

The tool has already raised more than $105,000 on Kickstarter, surpassing its $25,000 goal several times over. (Weinberger assembled a marketing team for the campaign. They got a lot of press hits.) If you pre-order now, you can get the tool for $15 cheaper than market rate.
Order by June 5
Weinberger has been working on the Lil Trucker for more than two years, doing much of the prototyping at Washington Avenue makerspace NextFab.
The tool also has this gem of a marketing video, produced by Edan Cohen and shot in New Jersey.

It also has Philly Startup Leaders president Rick Nucci’s stamp of approval: “If you would have told me that one of the finest doomsday prepper accessories was invented right here in Philadelphia by our own Marvin Weinberger, I would have said you are crazy,” he wrote on the PSL listserv. “Well it’s true.”
Later, on the PSL Slack, he added: “I recommend the leather sheath so you can rock one right on your hip.”
All right, we see you, Nooch.

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