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MakeOffices is offering podcasters a membership option at one DC location

The coworking company and D.C.–based Goat Rodeo are providing audio production space at The Wharf.

Inside the MakeOffices/Goat Rodeo audio studio. (Photo by George Mocharko)

MakeOffices is offering new space for members to get creative.

The coworking office company announced a new “Maker Studio” membership at its Wharf location on 800 Maine Ave. SW.

The $500 -per-month membership gives podcasters access to a recording studio and a dedicated shared work space area, both on the third floor. The membership program is run in partnership with Goat Rodeo, a local audio network which essentially functions as a record label for various D.C.–based podcasts.

The recording studio is equipped with a computer running Adobe Audition for live mixing and editing, a table with three microphones on shock mounts, and noise-reduction wall paneling.

The recording room is compact in relation to the rest of the more than 40,000 sq. f. of office space the coworking company already occupies. Membership includes access to the coffee, tea, beer, and wine in the kitchen as well as the 10 call rooms, six meeting booths, 12 conference rooms and two relaxation rooms.

“With so many realizing the power of podcasting and audio storytelling, we want to take down the barriers and build a space where creatives can thrive,” said Ian Enright, Goat Rodeo CEO.

“We moved to MakeOffices when K Street opened up. And one of the things that we had originally talked about were these recording rooms,” said Enright. As we figured out how to get more organizations to start doing podcasting, we made the pitch to them [MakeOffices] in earnest, and a handful of months ago said, ‘What if we focus on doing something toward D.C. creatives, instead of limit them from the technical barriers of building out a podcast?”

The mixing board at MakeOffices' audio studio. (Photo by George Mocharko)

The mixing board at MakeOffices’ audio studio. (Photo by George Mocharko)

MakeOffices had already planned on this from the inception of the space. The recording studio concept was envisioned during their pre-build stage, complete with an electrical “on-air” recording sign hanging outside room. Plus, bolstering membership by enticing podcasters and audio enthusiasts into the space brings more diversity of professions inside its walls.

For Goat Rodeo, the idea is a unique way to extend its brand while continuing to develop content for corporate clients like Marriott and others.

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