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A look at the 50+ available jobs at Thursday’s NET/WORK Baltimore

As per our exhibitor survey, many of the open jobs pay between $71,000 and $100,000.

The resume-review scene at NET/WORK Baltimore 2016. (Photo by Catherine Sontag)
NET/WORK Baltimore is Thursday, Feb. 23, and 25 organizations will be there at the Baltimore Museum of Industry looking for their next hire.

We’ve talked about why we do it, written about how we do it and even surveyed our exhibitors about it. That’s because it’s our mission to connect you to exciting employment opportunities in Charm City.
But, hey — you may still have some questions.
So here we go, we’ve got some some FAQs and data to get you ready to register.
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This data is pulled from our exhibitor survey, to which 11 out of the 25 companies featured at NET/WORK have responded.

What industry category/vertical do the hiring organizations represent?What industry category/vertical do the hiring organizations represent?“Other” includes:

  • Benefits Administration Software
  • Entertainment
  • Higher Education Consortium
  • Mobile Devices — iPhone and Androids used for work-related tasks — Enterprise Mobility
  • Software Engineering Services

What kind of positions are the attending companies looking to hire for exactly?

Not just technical roles, but project management, business development and operations roles.

  • Back End
  • Front End
  • WordPress Developers
  • UX
  • Management
  • Executive Leadership
  • Operations
  • Administrative
  • Audience Development
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Advertising
  • Project Management
  • Product Managers
  • Technology Sales Reps
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineer
  • Intern

How many open jobs are there to fill?

There’s plenty to go around.
There will be more than 50 job openings to apply for at NET/WORK Baltimore.
How many positions are you looking to fill within the next year?

What’s the average salary range for these open positions?

The bulk of them start at $71,000 and there are very few under $50,000. There’s even a paid internship!
What’s the average salary range for these open positions?
Even if you’re not sure if you are actually looking for a new job, Thursday’s event is the place for you to start those connections for future employment. However, just in case you’re feeling stagnant, we do have an article for some inspiration about people making Power Moves. (Then, once you make one, let us know so we can include you in the next column.)
See you at #networkbmr17, smart people!

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