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These local startups are moving on to the Challenge Cup regional

Three very different companies will represent the DMV area in NYC in March 2016.

The evening's winners, flanked by 1776 cofounders Donna Harris and Evan Burfield. (Photo by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier)
The competition was fierce from the outset.

To get one of the 27 pitching positions at the local round of the 1776 Challenge Cup on Thursday night, cofounder Donna Harris explained, you had to stand out from over 100 applications.
Those who made the cut delivered two-minute, elevator-style pitches that were, largely, well-polished. The judges were then given one minute for follow-up questions.
After some deliberation, here are the three D.C.-based companies that were chosen to go on and pitch at the regional round of the Challenge Cup in New York City:

  • TransitScreen: TransitScreen is a software solution for location-based information signage. The screens display real-time transportation options for your location, comparing options side-by-side so that the individual can make an informed and efficient choice about getting from point A to point B. You can see one in action over at the Tysons Corner mall.
  • Medzpeed Solutions: Medzpeed wants to improve healthcare by making costs more transparent. The company has determined that patients have the most willingness to pay their medical bill directly after receiving the procedure, so Medzpeed has developed software to calculate the bill on a given medical procedure during the procedure.
  • Hotberry: Hotberry is a platform for alternative financing for first-time homebuyers. The “secure renting” option allows consumers to buy a condo or a house over a period of 84 months. Hotberry screens candidates and distributes financing, but is not a lender.

The local round of the global Challenge Cup will feature over 1,000 startups competing in 45 cities around the world over the next few months. The regional round, which will take place in 9 cities, begins in January 2016.

The crowd gathered for Challenge Cup local in D.C.

The crowd gathered for Challenge Cup local in D.C. (Photo by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier)

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