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Kinglet has a new tool to test office-mate compatibility

The “Invite” feature is an algorithm that matches office owners and potential tenants.

What a listing on Kinglet looks like. (Screenshot via

With a focus on renting office spaces within other offices, Kinglet’s model seeks to change the types of offices that are leased. And now the Federal Hill-based startup is offering a way to make interactions more direct.
The “Invite” feature shows companies that are renting office space the best potential matches for future tenants. It allows the companies leasing the offices to reach out directly to people who they think would be the best fit.
It’s similar to the principle of dating. The idea is you can find a partner to move in with you based on compatibility. But instead of matching life plans or burrito preferences, the algorithm looks at factors like team size, location and price. While reaching out, they can also offer discounts.
“Most marketplaces are one-directional,” said Kinglet Head of Product Mike Spotten.”Typically the seller offers a product and waits for the buyer to act. Think of eBay or Amazon. In an effort to increase deal flow and predict the best matches, we have built a product that allows our Hosts (sellers) to reach out to the Guests (buyers) that are the most likely matches for sharing their space.”
The premium feature is the second to roll out in the last year for the startup, which was founded in 2014. Kinglet Features offered special placement from some of the city’s buzziest tech offices. The company also expanded to Cincinnati in February. It now lists spaces in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

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