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We’ve got Delaware Innovation Week T-shirts to complete your ‘tech uniform’

Some tips from #technicallyfashion to upgrade your look for #DIW16.

Our intern Chris V. may or may not have taken modeling notes when he worked at Abercrombie. (Photo by Jeanette Lloyd)

There’s a good chance that if you are reading this, you’ve already seen the “tech uniform.”
It’s usually a comfy combo of America’s favorite lower-body cover-up, jeans, paired with stylish but low-key footwear that says something about your creative side. Maybe there’s a cross-body laptop bag. Maybe a flannel.

Tech ladies. (Image via ReadWrite)

Tech ladies. (Image via ReadWrite)

But always — yes, always — there’s a T-shirt that reps your favorite tech brand or the latest local startup that gave them away for free at that open house event last week.
Although we’re usually not here for trends, it’s hard to argue with the convenience and ease of this effortlessly comfortable uniform. Plus, it’s sticking pretty hard here at the office and it’s holding strong in the coworking spaces we visit. Seems like it isn’t going away anytime soon.
So, we’ve accepted it and gone ahead and made another sweet T to complement your tech ‘fit for this week of 20+ personal and professional development events and multiple networking opportunities (aka happy hours) that make up the second annual Delaware Innovation Week.
Here’s some fashion tips straight from our private #technicallyfashion Slack channel:

  • Absolutely wear your company’s hoodie and represent your efforts and impact on the #netDE tech community.
  • Why not throw on a nice blazer and see if you look so important that you get called up to deliver a case study if the event’s scheduled speaker doesn’t show up on time? You’ll look like such a spontaneous hero of important information.
  • Pack a bag and switch up your footwear before you hit the designated happy hour to get some special attention from fellow, snazzy footwear enthusiasts. If you’re really trying to pull off the Superman costume switch, bring a sweet hat or headband and just watch all of those connections pop off during the networking portion of #DIW16 events.
  • Be yourself. Don’t let the uniform wear you. People can tell.

So now that you desperately want one of these super fly #DIW16 T-shirts, I have a tip for you: they’re only $10. And you can only get them at events (while supplies last).
Your first chance is today, at the Business Conference, which you can attend for FREE if you are a founder or a student. Then Tuesday get one at the Dev Conference where you can pull off fashion tip No. 3 during the Dev Happy Hour. On Wednesday, I’ll have some on me at Tech2gether so look out for me (picture in bio below). Finally on Friday, you can get one for FREE at the ticketed Innovation Celebration event.
In addition to the T-shirt, complete your uniform by plastering these super fun stickers all over your laptop, phone and other public-facing electronics. Here at, we want you to look your best. #DIW16 #stayfly

Swag alert.

Swag alert.

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