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How Pinkaloo is spreading its platform to personalize charitable giving at work

With partnerships and fresh funding, the Baltimore startup looks to make setting aside funds for a cherished cause part of getting paid.

Pinkaloo CEO Gideon Taub at a PeaceTech Accelerator pitch. (Photo via Twitter)

As America’s Charities looks to inspire more giving in workplaces, it’s working with a Baltimore startup.
Remington-based Pinkaloo partnered with the organization to offer a platform for businesses and organizations that allows employees to give directly to a cause.
Known as America’s Charities Modern Giving Solution, the platform utilizes Pinkaloo’s technology that’s designed to let employees pick a nonprofit organization they want to support, plan out a donation and make the transaction directly from an account.
America’s Charities, a 38-year-old organization which has a membership of 140 nonprofits, supports workplace giving at companies where the organizations are by choice, and can back up that position with research indicating 76 percent of employees want to choose the organizations where they give, rather than signing onto a company-wide campaign.
“Our research clearly shows that donors want to decide how, when, and whom to support when it comes to
charitable giving,” America’s Charities President and CEO Jim Starr said in a statement. “Pinkaloo’s trailblazing technology is at the forefront of this trend.”
Partnerships have been a marker of growth for Pinkaloo, which is seeking to grow use of its platform through “white-label” arrangements, according to CEO Gideon Taub.
Taub founded the company in part on the idea that charitable giving funds should be able to be set aside and supported as part of the process of getting paid, like a health savings account. To that end, the startup is also partnering with payroll services provider ADP.

The startup is looking to continue to build, and has fresh funding to help. Pinkaloo recently closed on a $550,000 pre-seed investment round, which included participation from TEDCO, Baltimore Angels and C5 Accelerate, along with other angel investors, as well as friends and family, Taub said.
Earlier this summer, the startup was one of 10 companies that began the D.C.–based PeaceTech Accelerator, which looks to provide resources for social impact–minded startups. That brought technology and business-building resources, as well as sessions with investors.
The company, which is based within Allovue’s offices at R. House, has internally been focusing on adding technical talent. COO Daniel Gardner said the company hired three developers since we last checked in, and currently has six full-time employees. Check out the company’s tech stack in our recent roundup.

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