Today in ‘tech we wish existed,’ we bring you Hoagcoin, Philly’s new cryptocurrency

This video from YouTuber Jawnvesting is … really something.

Hoagcoin. (Screenshot via YouTube)

It’s Friday afternoon, nearly a year into a global pandemic, and I’m here to make a request: Please spend the next one minute and 40 seconds of your life watching this YouTube video about Philadelphia’s newest exciting technology.

The Hoagcoin is a new and (presumably) fictional cryptocurrency, which you can use in your daily life for everything from buying a 40 at your local bodega to paying off your most recent PPA ticket.

This video, brought to you by Jawnvesting, a Philly-based YouTuber who offers fake investing advice in his three live videos, is … really something.

“Philadelphia is such an alarmingly and delightfully odd place,” my editor wrote in Slack when she shared it with me.

That it is, Julie. But while crypto is a very real and growing industry (including in Philly, hey), I’m sad to report the Hoagcoin only lives in our hearts (and in our Slack meme channels) for now.

Happy Friday!

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