We can’t wait to play with these 4 Hive76 projects at the Philly Tech Week kickoff

You can hang out with an orange cyborg. Plus, the hackerspace's larger-than-life Connect Four is back by popular demand.

All hail HiveLord.


“The HiveLord” cometh.
It’s a cyborg with a TV-esque head that captures your face, built by Hive76’s Pete Perreault. You can play with it at the Arcade @ Dilworth, the kickoff to Philly Tech Week 2015. Read about how Hive76 made the HiveLord here.
Here’s a full list of who will be showing off tech-art projects, apps and games at the April 17 event.
What else will Hive76, a hackerspace in Callowhill, bring to the kickoff? Spokesman Chris Terrell gave us the details.
Clyde, a computerized Ouija board that answers your questions:

clyde hive76

Hi, Clyde. (Photo by Juliana Reyes)

Back by popular demand, the larger-than-life Connect Four:
connect 4 hive76

Connect Four at the Philly Tech Week 2014 kickoff. (Courtesy photo)

Multi-Ball, a Crossfire-esque game. This old commercial will get you amped up:


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