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Oncora Medical gets a new partnership and $3M to develop its oncology software

It's continued to be a big year for this 2017 RealLIST company.

Oncora Medical cofounders David Lindsay (left) and Chris Berlind. (Courtesy photo)
Update: Mention of Oncora Medical's work with the MD Anderson Cancer Center has been removed, and some details of the Varian partnership have been updated, for the sake of clarity. The excerpt and photo have also been updated. (10/15/19, 7:05 p.m.)

It’s continued to be a big year for this 2017 RealLIST company: Center City health IT startup Oncora Medical announced it had raised $3 million and entered a partnership with a California-based medtech company last month.

The software company spent 16 weeks earlier this year at an accelerator at the Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute in Houston, where it has a full-time staff member.

And at the end of Q3, Oncora announced a partnership with Palo Alto-based company Varian Medical Systems: Varian, which invested the $3 million, is working with Oncora to develop a set of software tools that will enable precision medicine in radiation oncology, the companies announced in September.

The Philly startup’s Oncora Patient Care, a documentation, workflow and decision-support platform, captures data about cancer patients, treatments and clinical outcomes so that doctors can learn from past experience to improve patient care, per a press release.

Now, Oncora’s predictive modeling platform will support its development plans with Varian. The companies plan to use these predictive models to help doctors design treatments for patients that minimize their risk of toxicity and maximize their chance at a cure.

“Oncora’s mission is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by developing intuitive software tools to better collect and learn from real world data,” said David Lindsay, Oncora cofounder and CEO. “We look forward to partnering with Varian to develop and deploy innovative new tools in the fight against cancer.”

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