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Go learn about equity crowdfunding at this upcoming event

A Chicago-based equity crowdfunding platform is coming to town to talk about the pros and cons of selling equity to the crowd.

Show me the money. (Photo by Flickr user 401(K) 2012, used under a Creative Commons license)

You’ve got a great startup idea. Now, all you need is the money.
This remains a significant stumbling block for many small businesses, but recent legislation is attempting to level the playing field. Title III of the JOBS Act, which went into effect in May, allows “non-accredited” investors (think the vast majority of your friends and family) to invest in startups and receive equity in return. Yes, there are constraints. But the idea is that rules like this broaden the definition of what raising money can mean for a startup. (Just look to Brooklyn for equity crowdfunding in action.)
So, could this be right for your startup?
That’s the question this upcoming event seeks to help entrepreneurs answer, or at least entertain. TruCrowd, a Chicago-based equity crowdfunding platform, will be in D.C. on Sept. 21 to give a presentation on “how it works and the opportunities this type of funding presents to the startup community.”
Get tickets ($15)
The event is set to be held at Hera Hub in Friendship Heights. — grab tickets here.

Companies: Hera Hub DC

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