The Lyft-GM on-demand rental service is now live in Baltimore

ExpressDrive is meant to help potential Lyft drivers who don't have cars that meet company standards.

Getting a Lyft with the now-retired pink mustache. (Courtesy photo)

One way to get more ridesharing cars on the road is to provide the cars.
After debuting in Chicago, GM and Lyft’s car rental service for drivers is rolling into Baltimore this summer.
ExpressDrive, which grew out of GM’s big investment in Lyft, allows Lyft drivers to rent cars so they can give rides to others. The companies say there is a lot of driver demand from people who don’t have cars that meet company standards.
The service is designed to make it cheap for drivers to rent the cars, as long as they’re pulling a heavy Lyft. The more drivers provide rides, the less they have to pay in rental fees. If they hit 65 rides per week, Lyft and GM say they will only have to pay for gas.
At 45 rides per week, the cost for a Chevrolet Malibu is $149/week. Impalas and Equinoxes are also available.
Drivers can also use the vehicles for personal use at a cost of 25 cents per mile. The service also expanded to Boston and D.C. last week.

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