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Next week’s Founder Factory in Philly is a big opportunity for Delaware to show up

Carvertise's Greg Star wants you to come to one of Philly's biggest entrepreneurship conferences. Here's why.

Founder Factory 2015. (Screenshot via Vimeo)
This is a guest post by Carvertise's Greg Star.

I travel a lot throughout Delaware and Philadelphia. A key observation I noticed is that there is a lot more in common between these two areas then most people realize. Founder Factory, Philadelphia’s flagship tech event is next Thursday, Dec. 8.
Tickets are $20 for the happy hour, $100 for the conference ($50 for students) and $30 for the “Diversity Dinner” on Wednesday, Dec. 7.
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Here are three reasons why it is important for members of the Delaware tech scene here to attend.

1. Great networking.

The people speaking and attending are top notch. You have the founders of delivery startup GoPuff, partners from venture firm First Round Capital, the COO of Etsy, along with other top executives from great companies. There are not many opportunities to meet this type of talent in one room within a short commuting distance, and it would be a shame to waste that opportunity.

2. A chance to show that Delaware is making good progress.

There has been a lot of momentum over the past couple years in developing the tech scene here, a testament to all those who have worked to make it happen (there are too many to list). However, it’s not enough for those in the tech scene in Delaware to know about the progress being made. The next step is to communicate with other places to let them know as well. By having a sizeable presence in one of the premiere events in Philly, Delaware can make a statement. Showing that we are making great progress leads to my next reason for attending.

3. Create a regional tech scene.

It takes the same amount of time, if not faster to get from Wilmington to Philly then from Chester County or one of the other suburbs to Philly. However, Delaware is often perceived in Philly as a faraway place with not much going on. In both Delaware and Philly, there is great progress being made from both tech scenes, with committed leaders and groups trying to push progress forward.
Rather than look at these places as two separate areas, it would beneficial to look at everything being under one umbrella for the region. This will lead to more collaboration and opportunities for companies located in both areas. To break down these barriers, it will take a grassroots effort of showing up to events in Philly, building personal relationships and then inviting the people you meet there to events in Delaware. This simple act is how communities and regions are made and will lead to shared prosperity for both areas.


Philadelphia and Delaware are too similar, in geography and mentality, to be existing in separate bubbles. Show up to this event and let’s work to create a regional tech scene.

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