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Exelon hosted one of its annual innovation expos in DC. Here’s why

On Oct. 10, more than 3,500 Exelon employees, stakeholders and innovators gathered at the convention center to exhibit their products and inventions at the eight annual expo. Bill Nye the Science Guy even stopped by.

Attendees at the 2019 Exelon Innovation Expo. (Courtesy photo)

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More than 3,500 Exelon employees, stakeholders, and innovators attended this year’s Exelon Innovation Expo in Washington, D.C.

Exelon has 33,000 employees worldwide, with 2,600 of them working in the D.C. region as part of one of its subsidiary companies, Pepco. The large Chicago-based energy company hosts this annual innovation expo to feature presentations from employees from across the business on ways to improve the company’s operations and service to its customers, Jamie Caswell, senior communication specialist at Exelon, told

Exelon’s 2019 “A Cleaner, Brighter Future” Innovation Expo was held on Oct. 10 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The eighth annual event happens in D.C., Baltimore, Chicago and Philadelphia, major cities where Exelon and its subsidiary companies provide energy services.

Some notable special guests at the D.C. expo included Megan Smith, an award-winning engineer and entrepreneur; Pablos Holman, hacker and inventor; and even Bill Nye the Science Guy, who shared his insights and views on ways to help combat climate change.

“Our nation’s capital is a leader in driving a clean energy future,” Caswell said. “Earlier this year, the District passed the Clean Energy Omnibus Amendment Act, creating the path for how we address the impacts of climate change. Electric cars and buses, energy efficiency programs, new technologies, and renewable energy all will play an important role.”

Caswell said Exelon is investing in technology and infrastructure to increase reliability and give customers more tools to control energy costs — and accordingly, the Fortune 100 energy company announced in September that it’s looking to back startups working on clean energy and environmental technology in six cities, including D.C., with the $20 million Exelon Climate Change Investment Initiative.

This year’s expo features tech products Exelon could potentially adopt to stay innovating its services and better serve its costumers.

“We see clear opportunities for continued growth by building on our commitment to understanding what our customers want and expect from us: a future built on affordable, reliable and clean energy,” Caswell added. “Exelon is moving on multiple fronts to meet that demand.”

Some of the products and services showcased at this year’s Expo included:

  • An advanced smart home system to show customers how their home is using energy, that includes a remote energy management capability
  • A digital solar toolkit that lets customers explore their roof’s solar power potential
  • Drones being used to scan power lines and other assets
  • Mobile electric vehicle charging services
  • A subscription car service called STEER, which gives users access to a virtual multi-car garage of electronic cars to increase their use; this service is available in D.C. now

The event was not only an expo to showcase innovative tech products, but an opportunity for Exelon employees to share what they are passionate about. The event featured more than 280 displays, products and exhibits to explore from Exelon employees.

“Our talented, diverse and dedicated employees drive our success in both operating performance and our recognized role as an essential community partner and civic leader,” Caswell said. “Those components add up to strong, sustainable value for shareholders and stakeholders.”

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