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EVERFI is pledging to offer more digital courses focused on social issues

The West End-based social impact education company is pledging $100 million to expand resources that address social justice and economic disparities.

A STEM Day event hosted by EVERFI. (Photo via @EVERFI on Twitter)

West End-based EVERFI is pledging $100 million to expand resources that address systemic social justice and economic disparities.

The social impact education company manages a SaaS community engagement platform to help students, teachers and others maximize their learning experience. EVERFI offers digital learning content to help people develop critical skills in five key areas: financial education; social and emotional learning; STEM and career readiness; conduct and culture; and health and wellness.

With this pledge, the company is making a three-year commitment to expand its current online courses to address more topic areas focused on systemic social justice and economic disparities in the U.S. EVERFI is targeting students in high-poverty or at-risk regions in the U.S. for this initiative.

While the company builds on this initiative, its catalogue of more than more than 250 digital education courses will continue to be free to K-12 teachers and students.

“The symphony of crises playing out across the world has cast a light on the lack of financial education, health care literacy, insurance literacy, emergency savings, and mental wellness instruction in America’s schools,” said EVERFI founder and CEO Tom Davidson in a statement. “This moment in time gives us a tremendous opportunity to empower students with this learning using innovation and technology.”

There will be new digital courses around 12 topic areas including:

  • Academic Foundations
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Healthcare Literacy
  • Insurance Literacy
  • Retirement and Savings Literacy
  • Digital Wellness
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Financial Capability
  • Health and Mental Wellness
  • Next Gen Skills
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Substance Misuse; Sustainability
  • Violence Prevention and Response
  • Organizational Integrity

EVERFI said it’s hoping to work closely with school districts in the U.S. looking to adopt these courses, and is offering a five-year goal for each topic area so it can measure impact, reach and societal change.

The edtech company is also partnering with its network of corporate supporters to finance the creation of the new digital content. Some of that funding will also go toward expanding its flagship digital platform, reporting capabilities to school districts, research and development and impact analysis, according to a press release.

“Now is the time for the private sector to unite with solutions that yield important societal change,” Davidson said. “EVERFI has the technical infrastructure and expertise to work in partnership with the nation’s school systems so that all students have equal access to learning that can provide them with an equal chance of success.”

EVERFI is hiring for six roles in D.C. right now, all in product development, engineering and revenue.

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