Marketing startup Enradius wants to encircle you with targeted ads

Baltimore-based Enradius is looking to solidify its ties with D.C.-area customers by hiring a salesman on the ground. Here's how the company is getting other organizations' ads to potential nearby customers.

You can run, but you can't hide. These ads will find you.

(Photo by Flickr user Robert S. Donovan, used under a Creative Commons license)

The University of Maryland might be a public institution of higher learning. But it’s vying for your eyeballs same as any other event venue.
In order to target just the right audience, it has enlisted Enradius, a geo-location marketing company, for promotion around (literally) its Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.
Enradius uses mobile GPS tracking and the ad networks of AOL and Google to send geo-targeted ads on people’s cellphones, desktops and tablets.
Take your lambda car dealership that hires Enradius — which has, a year after launch, about 40 clients. “We can target somebody who’s standing in that car dealership at that moment,” said CEO David Carberry.
Even up to seven days after your visit to a shop, Enradius knows you’ve been there — and could maybe benefit from some more promotional information.
The company also produces retargeting campaigns. That’s an innocuous-sounding name for the pink shoes that have been dogging you online ever since you decided to get your girlfriend a nice present on Valentine’s Day.
Based in Baltimore, Enradius has decided to grow its business connections in the capital area.
Upon finding that about 40 percent of the traffic to its site came from D.C., the company moved to open up a very small outpost — one person — in the region.
Because of the area’s islands of considerable wealth, “there’s just so much opportunity for an advertiser,” said Carberry.


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